Sunday, September 9, 2012

Every Day is Spirit Day! (A Peek Into Our First Two Weeks!)

We all know that Fridays are our "official" spirit days at Clayton Elementary.  On Fridays, our cool new t-shirts show that we are ready for "Learning On the High 'Cs' ", retro Cardinal shirts from previous years, the Fun Run, or other events are out in full force, and a sea of red covers everyone else.  We celebrate classes who have a high number of students showing their Clayton spirit.  Classes are given certificates and are included in a drawing to keep the Big Fluffy Red Cardinal in their classroom for a week. 

Even though Fridays are the "official" spirit days at Clayton, everyday seems like a spirit day to me.  This first two weeks back with Cardinals has done nothing less that lift my spirits every single day.  I dare anyone to come into this building and see our kiddos huddled together over a book, showing off their great thinking in math, or gleefully flying high on the swingset and not feel a positive hit of that Cardinal spirit!   Teachers and students have been doing an awesome job these first two weeks back, and I can't explain how much pleasure and joy it gives us to help these Cardinals, our young scholars, soar and grow.  We have already gotten into a groove with things, and students are rising to the challenges and opportunities that they are facing each day in their classes.  In addition, our young Cardinals are demonstrating kindness and friendship to one another, they are patient and hard-working, and they are curious as learners.   Just take a peek below at a couple classes and friends who are officially showing their excitement and Clayton spirit for the camera.  Excited kids, excited teachers, and excited parents make me a very excited (and spirited) principal. :)  I know these first couple weeks have seemed like a whirlwhind and getting back into routines is something we are all working on.  Here at Clayton, you should be pleased and impressed with your Cardinals as they have already taken off on a great learning adventure in just 9 short school days.  Let's keep our enthusiasm, our generosity, and our spirits up as we continue on through this schoolyear.  Everyday can be spirit day at Clayton Elementary!  Welcome back.

Your Partner in Learning,